"... First of all, I want to start by saying that I can’t thank you enough for accepting me into your school last February. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken...I can’t express how lucky I am to have been able to be a part of the META family. This was not just an English school for me, the people I have met and the experiences I have had will always stay with me. I came to this country without knowing how to ask for a restroom and now I’m writing this email to you. Our teacher Ethan is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and my classmates became my friends for life. Once again, thank you".

Maria A,  Student - 02/13/20

"The teachers are very good and I had a really good time here"

Adriana S. de C.,  Student - 11/11/19

"I've been studying here for 3 amazing years. I learned so much, not just English but American culture."

Luciana D.,  Student - 11/05/19

"My best experience was being able to communicate in English with classmates and field trips. ... good friends, good classes good field trips"

Cirlane A.,  Student - 10/30/19

"META is a great school with a great track record and great teachers. META has a great didactic, a teacher who prepares classes, has a great relationship with students. In addition to learning, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the school, students and teachers very cool."
Matheus S.,  Student - 10/16/19


"I loved studying at META Language! The staff is phenomenal! The owners are very committed and the teachers very good! Of course, you have to want to learn! I will really miss the good friends that I was able to build on this year within META"

Rachel B., Student - 09/13/19

"My most satisfying experience at META was having the opportunity of learning more about the cultures, knowing new people (teachers, students and new friends).  and being able to communicate in English in my daily life here in the US. Teachers were always so solicitous and they knew the challenges of teaching students from other countries, so it helped us a lot." 

Vanessa A., Student - 08/09/19

"The attention that the owners themselves give to the students." 

Carla T., Student - 08/08/19

"Study in a pleasant environment." 

Fernanda L.L., Student - 08/07/19

"I had a wonderful and more constant contact with the language, talking with native teachers.""

Anderson I., Student - 08/06/19

"People are very educated, always eager to help."

Rachel B., Student - 08/03/19

"My english was bad and I got to improve and get better. I feel confident to talk with anyone now. I like my teachers, because they are energetic and mainly because they make you believe that you can speak english fluently" 

 Marcos Alberto T., Student - 08/14/19

..."thank you for the unfaltering support and professionalism you have showed me during my time here at META."
Clarissa A., Teacher - 06/14/19
"Great, thank you so much for everything! You guys are amazing!"
Roberta O., Student 
 "The best, I like very much"
J.C., Student
"This school is great, always supervised closely by the owners who are always ready to meet the needs of the students.Thank you very much. "
Cris F., Student
"You are really considerate and caring for your students. I am lucky to have found META ..."
Nefise Isikli, Student
I love my teacher Michelle! She explains everything in different ways until we understand. She is so patient! Her first priority is the students!"

Davi Nieto, Student

"Teacher Julie really cares about our progress. She keeps us moving. I want to keep her as my teacher."

Anonymous student survey


"I had a great time and experience last month in META USA. My teacher was excellent as well all the staff. Quality, commitment, relaxation."

Flavio Peres, Student


"I had another experience in an English school in Orlando for two months and I moved to META ORLANDO because I heard about this school from a friend so I came here to learn about the methods. I was "hella" surprised and I didn't waste any time and quickly came to META. Now I've been here a month and I'm sure I wasted my time at the other school, besides the friends I made. Here at META I'm learning fast and it's more fun and interesting than before. Don't lose time. Come to META now and be fluent in English fast"

Samira de Queiroz Bezerra, Student

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