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Located in beautiful Orlando, Florida


META Language School offers a diverse and complete curriculum of effective coursework, with student language production in speaking, listening, writing and reading as the engine of the educational methodology.


Our goals are to serve our students by providing varied instruction of the English language that is comprehensive and meaningful while remaining up to date, practical, and verifiably effective. We provide students the ability to enhance their understanding of the English language so that they are able to live, work, study, and pursue higher education in the US or abroad. META maintains a staff of proficient, trained professionals dedicated to creating measurable input and output while continuously assessing each individual learners intellectual and linguistic needs to further their development. We ensure fair, ethical treatment of all aspects, including but not limited to; student services, admission, advertising, enrollment practices, finances, and administration. We maintain a review system which gives students, teachers, and administrators the opportunity to have their opinions heard and shared with administration.







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